Final Fight Club
The 3-Sided, 5-Tiered Secret of Hubris

You have no money.

You have no skill.

You need to SELL, but you offer nothing of value.

I see you.

In The Final Fight Club, you’ll be shown how to unapologetically pretend you’ve made it. You still won’t be able to sell, you’ll still be broke and quite possibly homeless – but imagine the clout you’ll get by telling everyone what a Renaissance man* you are on Twitter.

Delusion means you never have to fight the Final Fight.


What Is Final Fight Club?

Exclusive Content

Sure, there is much better stuff (for free) on YouTube and Facebook – but why waste time searching. I’ve compiled the most valueless, forgettable content EVER – all in one place!

Smoke n’ Mirrors

The obfuscation game in FFC is strong. You’re never going to figure this out. It’s not that it’s confusing, worthless and completely platitudinous – it’s that I’m ALPHA and you are not.

Lots of Talk

Lots and lots of words. If you’re inebriated enough, you may even make some sense out of it. Probably not.


Listen – if my “methods” don’t work for you, it’s YOUR fault. You’re WEAK. NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

X-Treme Money

I’ll claim absurd earnings. Hopefully, you’ll pay at least one of your invoices before you realize you’d be better off on Skillshare. Even if you don’t pay, I’ll tell everyone how much I helped you for the money you didn’t pay me. Can I send the invoice now?

Alpha Maleness

I can actually only teach you how to be a beta. As the ultimate Alpha, you can never reach my level. Sorry. I don’t make the rules.


The reason I’m being evasive is that you’re going to have to figure this stuff out on your own. I’m just as clueless as you. Don’t ask questions, and we’ll get along. Speak up – YOU’RE OUT!


“Easily the best grift going.”

“I spent my last dime on this. Great.”


“I was born to fail. Now I’m ok with that.”

Who Am I?

Shane Hunter

“Abrasive Genius”

No, that’s not a picture of me.

Over the years, I’ve claimed to do some great things with big brands.

Some of the things I say I’ve done are incredibly impressive.

Sure, I may have trouble paying my rent.

I may have lost the respect of everyone in my field.

Yes, I spend my days trying to convince fellow wannabes and low-level scumbags on social media that I’m still valid.

But I can pretend.

I can help you pretend.

I can help you find an audience who’s just dumb enough that you can actually convince yourself that you’re somehow above them.

I’m very selective with who I work with.

You need a lion’s mentality.

A checkbook and/or debit card.

A complete inability to understand what really happens in branding, marketing and advertising.


Can I send the invoice?

Ready to get started?
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It’s actually THIS email list. It’s real. It’s valuable. It’s not complete nonsense. Unlike some…



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